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The Ritz Theatre
We Love Our Volunteers!

The Ritz Theatre could not exist if it weren't for hundreds of dedicated individuals who give of their time and talents. These exceptional folks serve as board members, ushers, box office sales clerks, decorators, bartenders, hospitality, cleaners, stage crew, carpenters, marketers, consultants, painters, tour guides, house managers, follow spot operators, fund raisers, loaders, drivers...and yes, they even do windows.

The staff of The Ritz Theatre would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank each and every one of them. We are forever in your debt.

Each year the staff of The Ritz is charged with the extremely difficult task of choosing one of these passionate, caring individuals to be Volunteer of the Year. A list of those who have gone above and beyond the call appears below.

The Jo Bernett Spotlight Award Winners
Volunteer of the Year

2018   Jim Cook
2017   Chris Joyce
2016   Carol Coffman
2015   Janet Molineaux
2014   Chris Welter
2013   Ruth Ludwig
2012   Sally Harvan
2011   Muriel Hill
2010   Rosalie Loving
2009   Randy Halen
2008   Joan Ledwedge
2007   Dianne Pytel
2006   Pat Lutz
2005   Jan Banks
2004   Janice Agerter
2003   Jane Smith
2002   John Spahr
2001   Gene Good
2000   Scott Edmondson
1999   Joe Bryner
1998   Duane Applequist
1997   Dorothy Bero
1996   Bob Dougherty
1995   Gladys DeLong
1994   Pat DeMonte
1993   Nancy Betz
1992   Diane Dougherty
1991   Paul "Fritz" Lutz
1990   Jo Bernet
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